Melissa Gorga Teresa Is Doing Really Well

Melissa Gorga Teresa Is Doing Really Well

Last night, Real Housewife of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga appeared on Watch What Happens Live. As would be expected, the topic of her sister-in-law, currently incarcerated Teresa Giudice came up.

What did Gorga have to say about her?

When host Andy Cohen asked how she is doing, Gorga responded, “She’s doing well. My mother-in-law gives me updates all the time. She’s doing really good.”

This echoes sentiments of Giudice’s daughter, Gia, who had previously claimed Giudice was doing great.

Does Gorga have contact with her? She revealed that, “I have written to her, yes, and she’s spoken to her brother on the phone– so, yeah.”
Gorga also talked about how her brother-in-law Joe is doing, stating that, “It’s heavy on his heart. You’re gonna get me… it’s a lot. I pass him in the morning and he’s driving the girls to school and I usually pass Teresa every morning. I see him in the white- I’m sorry, it’s so- I see him in the white car. It’s heartwarming to see him. He’s manning up and he’s doing what he has to do. I see him every morning.”
On seeing Giudice’s daughters, Gorga explained that, “I had all the girls over last week. I’ve seen them, yeah.”
Finally, Gorga was probed over if her husband, Joe Gorga, has been doing what Giudice asked him to do while she was away- namely, seeing his parents more often and taking care of them. To this, Gorga said, “We see them all the time. They come for dinner al the time. They go to Cosco together all the time. they’re together all the time. They always were, but I guess maybe we’re doing it even more.”
It was great to see Gorga on Watch What Happens Live and get an update on Giudice.
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