Vicki Gunvalson Mom- Boyfriend Brooks Ayers Supports Her

Vicki Gunvalson Mom- Boyfriend Brooks Ayers Supports Her

Real Housewife of Orange County Vicki Gunvalson unexpectedly lost her beautiful Mother, Joanne, last month. We exclusively spoke to Gunvalson about it and she also allowed us to share a photo gallery of her Mother as well.

Now, her boyfriend Brooks Ayers has spoken to Radar Online about how Gunvalson is doing. It is clear Ayers is being completely supportive of Gunvalson and she’s lucky to have him in her life.

Ayers told Radar, “Both my parents are still living, so I can’t even begin to understand the pain she’s gone through. It’s been very tough. I’m just learning to be a good listener and to be there and support Vicki.”

She certainly has her waves of emotion as I would suspect anybody would,” he continued. “And I just want to reiterate to her that I’m here for her. I don’t know when it’s gonna pass or if she’ll ever get over it. I don’t know that anybody would ever truly get over the passing of a parent.”

He still had more to add, stating that, “I’m not looking for a light switch to go off and say, alright, that’s done. I think it will be a continual [process]. I hope she never gets over that. She’ll always miss her mother. I just want to be here to support her and her family and just be here for whatever she needs me to do. Whatever that looks like.”

Ayers has an analogy for healing. He explained that, “Time is a healer. I liken it to a scar. When you initially get a wound, it hurts like all get out, regardless of what it is. Then you have a scar. A scar is the memory of the past, but the pain subsides.”

He wrapped with stating that, “She is an amazing woman and she’ll get through this. To her credit, she and her siblings are all growing closer as a result of this. The emotions aren’t tearing them apart. They’re bringing them closer together, which is awesome.”

We love seeing how supportive Ayers is being of Gunvalson and it’s nice to see how close the two have become.