Breaking News: Joe Giudice Cheating Exposed!

Joe Giudice Cheating Exposed!

There have always been rumors of Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice‘s husband, Joe, cheating on her.

Now, a new report in In Touch Magazine is claiming Joe has been having an affair with a woman named Jamie Jackson since right after the Giudice’s were sentenced!

A family friend told In Touch that, ““This is (Teresa’s) worst nightmare come true.”

The friend detailed that Joe and Jackson began sleeping together in Atlantic City, NJ, in November (shortly after the Giudice’s were sentenced). 

Joe “really, really liked her” upon meeting at a lunch, the insider dished.

On Joe, the source said, “The guy has no shame– he’ll pick up girls anywhere, he’s cocky, and thinks he somebody — he’s not.”

Another source detailed that Joe and King had a hot and heavy rendezvous at Atlantic City hotel The Tropicana‘s restaurant, Carmine’s. This source said that, “They were full on making out in front of their group. They were chugging margaritas and seemed drunk out of their minds.”

Then, the source detailed that, “Joe and Jamie went back to the room and things got crazy.”

They allegedly went into the master suite in a room and the insider claimed that “20 minutes later, Jamie came out of their bedroom buttoning her blouse and crying hysterically.” Meanwhile, Joe “popped open a bottle of wine like nothing happened. While Teresa was at home getting ready to go to jail, her husband was in a hotel having sex with another woman.”

The magazine did reach out to Joe, who said, ” “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Jackson also stated that she had “no comment” about Joe.

Does Teresa finally believe Joe is cheating? According to a family source, “The distance she has had from him in prison gives her a new perspective. She sees Joe more clearly and she won’t tolerate this infidelity. She knew he wouldn’t stay faithful and she’s even broken down about it while writing in her diary.”

This insider wrapped with saying that, “Teresa endlessly denies Joe’s cheating whenever she’s asked, but behind closed doors, she admits how painful it’s been to constantly fear he’ll cheat.”

This is truly sad, as Teresa had said shortly after their sentencing that Joe kept coming up and hugging her.

Tell us- do you believe Joe has been cheating while Teresa is away? Let us know in the comments.