Joe Giudice Affair- More Details Leak!

Joe Giudice Affair- More Details Leak!

Earlier today, news broke via In Touch Weekly that Joe Giudice allegedly had an affair with a woman named Jamie King.

Now, more information has been leaked on Radar Online!

A source explained to Radar that Joe had a friend approach King about “working for him as a model at a private event.” Specifically, the source explained that, “The idea was that Joe was setting up events for a wine label, but clearly he was there to have fun, not do business.”

The source continued, explaining that, “Jamie and two of her fellow models were approached about working a wine event for Joe.” However, the source denoted to Radar that Joe seemed more interested in “flirting and drinking” than “talking business.

After they met and hung out a few times, Joe eventually invited her back to his room where the insider reveals that “Joe posed for at least one photo with Jamie while she was topless in his Merv Griffin suite at the Resorts Casino — he didn’t seem to care! Jamie was all over Joe, wrapped around him like a panda bear.”

The insider wrapped with telling Radar that the person who was setting up the meetings between Joe and King is a friend of BOTH Teresa AND Joe’s. The source specifically informed Radar that, “Teresa and this man have taken a lot of photos together, hanging out and at parties.”

Radar claims more is coming- and we will be staying tuned to this, shall we say, JUICY story.

Last month, news broke that Teresa had allegedly hired a private investigator to keep tabs on Joe, so perhaps some of what they found out is finally coming to light!

Tell us- what do you think about Joe allegedly having an affair? Do you believe it? Let us know in the comments.