Kathy Griffin Giuliana Rancic Won't Hear From Her Again

Kathy Griffin Giuliana Rancic Won’t Hear From Her Again

After Kathy Griffin made the decision to quit E!’s Fashion Police last week, it was rumored that it had something to do with co-star Giuliana Rancic.

Now, a new report on Radar Online is claiming that Griffin will never speak to Rancic again. 


A source told Radar that, “Kathy is done with the drama and she is done with Giuliana. Kathy has not spoken to Giuliana and she has no intentions of ever speaking to her again, unless she has to.”

The source continued, stating that, “Giuliana tried blaming Kathy and said that it was actually her fault, but later changed her tune to say it was the writer’s fault. Kathy did not appreciate being blamed and Giuliana showed her true colors by trying to throw her under the bus.”

“Giuliana later apologized to Kathy,” the source explained, “because her career was at stake and she knew that she had to. But the apology was too late. Giuliana didn’t take responsibility for her actions.”

The source wrapped with saying that, “Kathy’s words on Twitter are the last that she wants to discuss this. She has already moved on.

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