Wendy Williams Gia Giudice Get OFF Social Media!

Wendy Williams Gia Giudice Get OFF Social Media!

Friday, Gia Giudice took to her Twitter to defend her Dad, Joe Giudice, against cheating rumors that surfaced last week, claiming that Joe was cheating on Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice.

Wendy Williams discussed Gia’s Twitter comments this morning on her show.

What did Williams have to say?

After initially reading a quote from The Daily News where a friend of Teresa’s claimed that “Teresa doesn’t have internet access. She’ll most likely find out about this from TV- perhaps Wendy Williams,” Williams began to discuss Gia’s Twitter comments.

Williams said, “She’s 14. You remember how that was… you’re a freshman in high school. You remember how mean kids can be, especially if you’re a half-way cute girl and your parents half-way have a couple of coins and you’re on one of the hottest reality shows in the country. You can see where kids probably go out of their way to be mean to her.”
“I bet you high school is no picnic for this kid or any of the other reality kids,” Williams continued. “You take that In Touch Weekly magazine and you tee-pee her locker with it… You just get under her skin every day. So of course when the In Touch comes out and it’s accusing her Dad of cheating, what do you think the other kids were doing all through the high school? Hmm… You might think you’re cute but your Dad’s a cheat. Your Mama wears combat boots and she’s in jail.”
Williams wrapped with saying, “Joe this is all your fault. This is all your fault. You need to get Gia off social media. I understand she wanted to defend- and these kids think they’re grown these days- but she doesn’t need to be on Twitter. As she scrolls down, she’s going to read some things that hurt her feelings beyond repair.”
We personally agree with Williams in the sense that Gia is young enough that she doesn’t need to be on social media and reading all the negative comments that truly could hurt her.
Tell us- do you agree with Williams? Or, do you think Gia being on social media is fine? Let us know in the comments.