Exclusive: Hailie Mathers- All Grown Up With Huge Career

Exclusive: Hailie Mathers- All Grown Up With Huge Career

Many fans of rapper Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers, likely remember his daughter, Hailie, as the little girl he would mention in his rap songs. She was even featured on the song “I Think My Dad’s Gone Crazy.”

While critics were quick to go after Eminem for his explicit lyrics, one thing was undeniable- the strong love he had for his daughter.

Now, Haile Mathers is all grown up and ready to begin a huge career of her own.

We caught up exclusively with Mark Behar, who is a “World Renown – Personal Protection Specialist” from South Florida, and used to work for Eminem as his bodyguard on his “2000-2002 Anger Management Tour.” Behar has been recently hired to now protect and watch over Eminem’s daughter, Hailie, who  graduated high school last year.

On Hailie, Behar told us, “She’s the new IT girl. She’s a triple threat- beauty, brains and talent, as well has having a super famous celebrity dad.”

In addition to being talented, Mathers is also book smart, as she graduated high school last year with a 3.9 GPA and a summa cum laude honor.

Although she had a famous Dad, Behar informed us that, “Marshall’s daughter has been living a regular life, all throughout her high school years, despite her world renown entertainer Dad.”

We are definitely excited to see how great Hailie turned out and eager to see what lies ahead for this talented, pretty young woman.