Farrah Abraham Teen Mom- The Other Girls Are Jealous!

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom- The Other Girls Are Jealous!

As we recently reported, Teen Mom is returning to MTV with it’s original line up. Among them, is the controversial Farrah Abraham, who the rest of the cast has issues with.

Abraham recently spoke to Radar Online about her co-stars and their issues with her.

“I will not contribute to the negativity. My life is so much better than theirs,” Abraham told them. “I cater to making the world a better place. I’m tired of going around in circles with them. All they want to talk about is me. Somebody always has to say something negative all the time. I don’t care and I don’t value their opinion.”

“They curse and bicker,” she continued. “If some people don’t have enough self-love and can’t understand me it shows me how stunted they are in their growth and how backward-thinking they are.”

Abraham had more to add, stating that, “I tell them how I feel. The same jealous tendencies come up every time. It’s process of maturity. I don’t believe in fake tendencies. I don’t pay attention to any of them. You have to remove all the bad people in your life.”

Also discussed was how Abraham now remains calm when the other women confront her. She dished that, “Personally what I’ve learned in groups and with therapy is if others want to act like they were better than me then they have bigger issues and you cannot be around them. I would probably be like them if I had stay in Iowa. I would have the same mindset. I don’t regret anything that I do. I go to night clubs, adult clubs, and I’ve met amazing women along the way. I don’t give a shit what they say.”

Abraham ended with discussing something non-related to her co-stars- teen pregnancy and her opportunity to use her pregnancy to her advantage financially.

“I hope that teen parents become successful,” Abraham wrapped with saying. “The statistics say that only 1 in 4 do. We have no excuse for not being successful and investing in ourselves. We’ve been given money and opportunities that no other teen moms have. I look at this as a positive thing. If there is something you can leverage and take advantage of a way to make money, then do it.”

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