Kevin Serratore- Fashion Friday #3

Hi all! It’s Kevin Serratore back with Fashion Friday. This week, let’s talk about the salon blowout at home!

If you’re looking for that’s super-smooth finish, here’s your how to!

If your hair is already straight: First, you want to apply heat protectant on towel dried hair. Using only your fingers, focus on smoothing the crown and around your face, as these are the areas people see. Next, finger dry the middle layers through to the ends in the nape of your neck up to crown. Perform the same process on both sides. For more volume, turn your head upside down and then begin drying. Don’t use a brush until your hair is about 80% dry. Once your hair is almost dry, then choose your brush. For a flat smooth look, use a mixed boar bristle paddle brush; for more volume use a round brush. The smaller the diameter of your round brush, the more flip you will get in your ends. Next, using your fingers, rake a small amount of hair oil through your ends to control fly-sways and add shine. Lastly, glide a flat iron through your hair using 1-2 inch panels. Mist your hair with your favorite finishing spray.

If you want soft waves: A beautiful hair style always starts with the right tools, in this case, a large round brush and ionic blow dryer.Whatever the texture of your hair, begin by applying your favorite styling cream or styling mousse to clean towel dried hair. Begin blowing your hair dry at the roots and out to the ends using your fingers until your hair is about 80% dry. Starting in the bottom of your nape taking 2 inch sections, blow out hair using your round brush. For loose waves, hold the brush vertically and roll through the ends until the hair is released. Continue up towards the crown one section at a time in the same technique, and then dry sides and top. Once hair is completely dried, shake out hair and finish ends with a small amount of styling cream.

Here are two pictures showing this off:

FOT6194 FOTE081

For more about this and other styling tips contact Kevin Serratore at Dolce Viso Salon and Spa in Millburn NJ, phone @ 973-376-5878.

Happy Friday!