Exclusive: Melissa Gorga Salary- New Details!


Exclusive: Melissa Gorga Salary- New Details!

This morning, a new Radar Online report was released claiming that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga is going to be making as much money as Teresa Giudice used to make. Specifically, the amount Radar claims Gorga will be making is $750,000.

A source told Radar that, “Her new salary now matches Teresa’s old one. Melissa has always been highly paid but now she’s getting the same amount of money that Teresa used to get.

We spoke to a production source this morning who had ADDITIONAL, NEW information to spill!

Melissa has actually been making the same amount as Teresa since season four,” a production insider exclusively revealed to us.

The source explained that, “The Melissa and Teresa storyline took center stage in terms of the drama. For this reason, it made sense for Bravo to pay them the same salary.”

“With Melissa being the only full-time cast member from season three left, it makes sense that she will likely be paid even more this season than the last,” the insider wrapped with telling us.

We are so excited by talks about Gorga’s salary, as one can infer that she will definitely be returning to the franchise!

Gorga recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live to promote her jewelry line. While there, she spoke about her sister-in-law and claimed she’s doing really well. Prior to that, Gorga had only commented to say she and her husband were heartbroken over what went on with the Giudices’s sentencing.

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