Melissa Gorga and Teresa Not Speaking Still?

Melissa Gorga and Teresa Not Speaking Still?

When Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga appeared on Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago to promote her jewelry line, of course the topic of sister-in-law Teresa Giudice came up. While on the show, Gorga explained that Giudice was doing really well.

This week, Gorga appeared on Good Day New York to promote her jewelry line, and the topic of Giudice came up yet again. Gorga discussed her sister-in-law and revealed if the two speak directly.

On Giudice, Gorga reiterated that, “[She’s doing] really well….really well. It’s obviously not easy being away from the children, but I think that’s probably the hardest part.”

So has Gorga talked to her directly? Nope! She revealed that, “She’s called Joe and she’s talked to Joe and she emails with Joe. Ya know, I think there’s limited amount of free time so when she does, I expect her to go through her brother. She’s always, always on the phone with her mother and her children.”

In terms of Giudice’s children, Gorga stated that, “I’ve seen them, yes. They see my mother-in-law a lot, my mother-in-law helps out a lot, and I’m constantly … saying, ‘What can I do?’ ‘What can I do?’ ‘Where can I drive?’ ‘Where can I bring them?’” she said. “And they’re always like we got it, we got it, we got it, but you know … everybody’s good.”

And what about a prison visit? “No, I think she’s keeping her visits for her children,” Gorga explained. “I think she’s going to want every visit to be with her children.”

Since Gorga hasn’t visited Giudice, she’s clearly not the one who took the missing prison photos that we exclusively revealed likely won’t be making an appearance.

We also recently  revealed that Gorga made the same salary as her sister-in-law for the past few seasons in an exclusive.

We personally applaud Gorga for taking the high road and not using Giudice’s time away to get in digs at her, but rather being a supportive and understanding sister-in-law.

Tell us- what do you think about Giudice going through her brother to communicate? Does this surprise you? Let us know in the comments.