Kourtney Kardashian splits from Scott Disick, is he going for her money?

Scott Disick surprised everyone when he spontaneously headed off to rehab a couple of weeks ago.

While everyone assumed it was for Disick’s love of alcohol, a new report from Life & Style claims that his issues with sobriety could stem much further than just drinking.

Though we recently reported his girlfriend and baby mama, Kourtney, was conflicted,  she has allegedly ended their relationship and did so as Scott packed his bags and headed off to the Costa Rica resort.

The report claims that Disick has a cocaine problem, and that was the final straw for Kardashian. Additionally, she learned that he had blown through over $5 million in recent months. An¬†insider told Life and Style, “even when he buys his kids expensive things, he charges it on credit cards that Kourtney pays for.”

Speaking of the kids, the report also claims Scott will “use them as leverage.” Though Kourtney has officially cut him off financially, he will fight for joint custody of their 3 children.

“Scott’s no dummy. He knows that if Halle Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubry, who never married Halle, can get paid more than $15,000 a month for one child, imagine what he could get for 3 kids.

Though Scott does have his own money, it does not compare to the money that lies within the Kardashian empire. A family source says “Scott wants to be set for life.” And it appears he will fight for that to happen.