Breaking News: Joe Giudice License Suspended!

Breaking News: Joe Giudice License Suspended!

Today was the trail for Joe Giudice to find out how long his license was suspended for. Tom Murro has taken to Twitter to post the breaking news that Giudice’s license has been suspended for two years and he owes a $10,000 fine!


Update: We heard that Giudice asked the judge if he could move his cars around in the driveway and she said no!

Update 2: The judge has repeatedly given Giudice an hour to drive home and then his license is suspended.

Since Giudice will be in jail for over half of this time, it’s not the worst sentence in the world.

Recently, Giudice appeared on Extra to give fans insight into his wife’s life in prison. He also spoke to US Weekly on the same topic.

We will keep you posted on all updates pertaining to his license suspension, but in the meantime:

Tell us- what do you think about his license being suspended for two years? Is that the right amount of time for what he did? Let us know in the comments.