Exclusive: Teresa Giudice Wanted Back On RHONJ!

Exclusive: Teresa Giudice Wanted Back On RHONJ!

There have been tons of rumors pertaining to the next season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. We’ve heard everything from rumors that Bravo is looking at a lesbian couple, to Snooki being on the show (which turned out to be false), and more.

While it was widely reported that Bravo would start filming of the show in late Spring/early Summer, we can now exclusively reveal the latest on what we have heard!

According to a source close to casting, “It is now being discussed (again) to delay filming until the fall.”

Why would Bravo want to delay filming that long? “If filming begins in the fall, then cameras will definitely be able to capture Teresa leaving prison,” the source said.

“Then,” the insider continued, “they could film Teresa for part of the season and then give her the spin-off show that has been long rumored.”

Interesting! We definitely think that viewers would be interested in seeing Teresa leave prison and readjust to life as she knew it.

Tell us- do you think this is a good call by casting? Would you want to watch this? Let us know in the comments.