Teresa Giudice Prison- Is It Prison Or Day Camp?

Teresa Giudice Prison- Is It Prison Or Day Camp?

Last week, photos of Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice behind bars with her family debuted in US Weekly.  Along with the photos- which we exclusively revealed Teresa allegedly had her pick of– ran some comments from her husband, Joe, about Teresa‘s prison stay and what she does behind bars- and, frankly, they sound more like things someone would do at a day camp then in prison.

What do we mean?

“You really don’t got to worry about anything,” Joe revealed. “It’s not a horrible place. She never says nothing bad.”

“She exercises after every meal,” Joe continued. “It’s like a low-budget spa. They do spin classes, ab classes. She’s getting pretty ripped up!”

Nobody really bothers her,” he added. “They give her space.”

Joe also revealed that Teresa has pitched in to help make a few prison meals which “the inmates love… because she’s an amazing cook.”

“She’s got a little group that she hangs out with,” Joe also revealed, explaining who Teresa watches television shows like Scandal and Empire with behind bars.

So, to recap, behind bars Giudice is: “not worrying about anything,” enjoying “spin and ab classes,” “watching television” with her group, and “pitching in occasionally to help with meals.”

Tell us- do you think this sounds like what you would imagine prison to be like OR does it sound more like a day camp? Sound off in the comments.