Are the Kardashians Enabling Rob? Kim Thinks So!

Rob Kardashian has, no doubt, been publicly struggling for quite some time now.

Though the family’s drama with him and their attempts to get him help have played out on this season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, a new report in US Weekly claims that the family is divided over just how to successfully get Rob out of his depressed state.

According to the report matriarch  Kris Jenner, who Rob claims needs therapy, fears for the life of her only son, who is rarely seen in public these days.

Wonder why?

The article alleges that Kris has her assistants pick up In-N-Out and video games for Rob, making not leaving home even easier for him. And this allegedly has his sister, Kim, pissed.

Since the passing of their father when Rob was only 16, Kim believes the family has coddled Rob far too much and that’s why he is the way he is now. Kim’s husband, Kanye, stands in belief that the family, too, has helped Rob too much which, in return, has left him depressed and refusing help for his issues.

Though Kim is taking the tough love route and thinks the family should cut him off financially, sister Khloe continues to let him live with her in her $7.2 million mansion in Calabasas. “She feels like when he’s ready to get better, then she’ll push him,” the insider detailed.

Meanwhile, Kris has sent experts such as therapists, nutritionists and personal trainers all over to Rob to help him out. However, nothing has worked. A source adds that his mother “doesn’t know what to do.”

Tell us- do you think the family is enabling Rob and causing him to be this way? Let us know!