Kevin Serratore- Fashion Friday 4/17/15


Kevin Serratoreis back with his latest Fashion Friday! Here it is:

This week I want to talk about full sexy hair,  and how to get it.

Once you have received that perfect long hair cut and amazing color, it’s time to style it.  Today I am going to use my favorite product for adding volume into hair,  “Oribe Dry” dry texturizing spray.

Begin by shampooing and conditioning with the appropriate Oribe shampoo depending on your hair type. Then, condition your mid lengths to your ends. Avoid the root area as not to weigh down where you want the most lift.

Next, towel dry, removing all excess moisture from your hair. Apply Surfcomber Tousled Texture mousse from the ends of the hair in towards the root. Comb mousse throughout to distribute evenly and turn your head over and dry using your fingers to style.

Once you have dried thoroughly,  section by section spray Oribe Dry Texturizing spray into your roots and  massage in for full effect.  Viola! Amazing sexy hair.

For more on this and other hair styling tips contact me at Dolce Viso Salon and Spa in Millburn NJ.  9733765878. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @kevinshairnj