Perez Hilton- If Real Housewives Keeps A Felon, Keep Kim!

This morning, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton appeared on The Wendy Williams Show.

While on, Hilton talked about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards, who got arrested last week and charged with multiple things, including public intoxication. While there have been rumors Richards may be kicked off of the show due to this, Hilton was vocal about the fact that he doesn’t think this should occur.

What specifically did he say?

Hilton stated that, “If they set a precedent that Teresa Giudice and her husband- who are convicts- are gonna stay on the show, you should at least have the social responsibility to help this woman who you’ve exploited and made money off. Pay for her to go to rehab.”

“I wouldn’t say film the rehab process,” Hilton continued, “but make sure that she knows that once she gets better she’s welcome back into the Bravo family.”
Hilton wrapped with saying, “What if, worst case scenario, they kick her off and that drives her really over the edge? You know, the Beverly Hills franchise did have somebody commit suicide.”
We definitely respect Hilton’s opinion and think he has a strong point that we tend to agree with on this matter.

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