Joe Giudice Trying To Get RHONJ Deal Behind Teresa’s Back?

As we exclusively reported, Bravo is planning to wait until November to start filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey in order to get star Teresa Giudice on the show. According to a new report in OK! Magazine, though, Joe is actually the one trying to make this deal happen for them without Teresa’s approval!

An insider dished that, “Joe is trying to make a side deal for himself because he has no job and no money.”

The insider detailed that he is “negotiating” with Bravo “behind his wife’s back.”

Why is he doing it behind her back? According to the source, Teresa “doesn’t want to be part of the franchise anymore.”

Another insider elaborated on this, explaining that, “She believes that putting her life under the microscope is the reason she’s behind bars.”

The Giudice’s have been in the press as of late for their home going into foreclosure even though it was recently re-listed on the market.

Tell us- what do YOU make of Joe allegedly negotiating behind Teresa’s back? Is he in the right as he needs the money? Or is it wrong to do without Teresa’s approval? Let us know in the comments.