Whitney Bischoff Relationship With Chris Soules Doomed?

We previously reported that there was trouble in paradise for Bachelor couple, Whitney Bischoff and Chris Soules following Soules joining Dancing With The Stars.

Now, a new report in Life & Style Magazine  is claiming that the couple’s relationship may be doomed due to Bischoff’s competition, Becca Tilley, coming back into the picture.

How so?

The couple originally planned to move back to Iowa. However, once Soules joined Dancing With The Stars, that required them to mostly be in Los Angeles, only 120 miles from Tilley’s hometown of San Diego.

According to a source who spoke to the magazine, “Whitney feels very insecure and threatened. She knows she was chosen by default and fears that Becca’s finally ready for Chris and that Chris will run off with her.” 

Additionally, the report claims that Soules, who allegedly is using his fiance for fame, isn’t helping put Bischoff’s fears to rest. While he could have spent their first Easter holiday as a couple with his fiance, he instead chose to spend time with his dancing partner, rehearsing for the show. His partner is Witney Carson, who also caused Bischoff to be worried about her relationship.

“Whitney is trying to intercept any meetings between Chris and Becca,” the insider dished. “She’s hanging with Becca to stay one step ahead.”

Bischoff is spending the majority of time in LA withSoules, so she can keep full track of his actions. According to the source, Bischoff, “wants this life” with Soules, and has been saying it is what she has been “waiting for.”

Do you think Bischoff should be worried OR is there no reason for concern? Let us know in the comments.