Bruce Jenner is "Proud and Excited" for Transition Reveal


Excitement is building towards tonight’s ABC News 20/20 special with Bruce Jenner where he is expected to discuss with Diane Sawyer the details of his transition from a man to woman.

According to a source who spoke to US Weekly, “Bruce is very proud and excited” for tonight’s interview to air. Bruce plans to watch the show with his family.

During the interview, the Kardashian step-dad will discuss how long he has felt the desire to become a woman. US Weekly‘s source spilled that “Bruce told Diane he has wanted to be a woman for as far back as he can remember. He always felt it and kept burying it.”

Tonight’s interview is not the only time that Bruce will be public about his transition, as the special is part of a larger plan “to reintroduce himself to society as a woman” and this is just the first step.

Photos recently surfaced of Bruce dressed in women’s clothing, which has led to threats of lawsuits.

Stay tuned to all day today as we revisit Bruce Jenner’s road to tonight’s interview special and all night as we cover the news program!

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