Kris Jenner Humiliated By Bruce Interview

While we revealed earlier that Kris Jenner feels that she failed him as a wife, a new report on Radar Online claims that Kris is feeling humiliated and wants to hide after watching the Bruce Jenner 20/20 special where he revealed that he is a woman. In addition to his big reveal, Bruce also detailed exactly what Kris knew during their marriage.

An insider dished to Radar that, Kris is “publicly humiliated by Bruce’s revelation that he would becoming a woman and that she had known about his habit of wearing her clothes around the house — there were no tears for the incredible struggle and journey Bruce endured.”

In addition, Kris allegedly was “livid that ABC included she had no comment about Bruce’s sex change, while his two former ex-wives both gave statements of support.” This was something celebrity blogger Perez Hilton called her out on during the interview, causing Kris to tweet him a “fuck you” message.

Although he later retracted his comments, the insider stated that, “Kris reacts to something Perez Hilton says? [She makes it] all about her once again, and of course ABC asked Kris for comment — everyone in the family was contacted by ABC.”

Kris wants to just hide,” the insider continued. “She doesn’t want to be interviewed about it and doesn’t want to answer questions.”

The source wrapped with saying that, “Kris and Bruce hardly ever talk at all, and now that Bruce is living the life he was meant to, their relationship will never recover.”

What do you make of what this source said? Do you think Kris should feel humiliated or should she be celebrating Bruce finally being true to himself? Let us know in the comments.