Wendy Williams On Teresa Giudice Dancing With The Stars

Lats week, a rumor was released that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice wants to be on Dancing With The Stars when she gets out of prison in December.

On her talk show this morning, Wendy Williams addressed her thoughts on Giudice making an appearance on Dancing With The Stars, a show that Williams herself had appeared on.

What did Williams have to say?

I think that she’d be terrific on Dancing With The Stars,” Williams said. “Dancing With The Stars is a family show, but the costumes say otherwise. Please, Dancing With The Stars, you really do need to have her on. Don’t give me that ‘She’s an ex-inmate. It’s not good for America.’ I’m sure there are plenty of crooks in that building. And that’s a nice little amount of money.”

Williams had more to say, stating that, “Teresa doesn’t impress me as the type that dances, but you know, neither was Patti Labelle. You stay if you have a sparkly personality and you really give it up. Because she’s sort of a stunad, she’ll give up a lot of information and she’ll be cute with her partner, but she has two left feet. The problem is, you say on Dancing With The Stars– they say- according to who votes for you to stay. Would you vote for Teresa to stay on? …Teresa, this could work for you.”

Williams also discussed Giudice being away from her kids to do this and why she still thinks she should, saying that, “She robbed all of us, so she needs to pay us back. The family is in debt millions of dollars. Also, it’s not like she’s gonna be out there practicing. She’ll practice where I did in Fairfield, NJ, right behind the Target but across from that private airport. Yeah, she’ll practice where I did. Then she’ll do what I did, which is you get on a plane once a week and you fly out there. You have your priorities straight so you’re not luxuriating. You fly right back.”
Tell us- do you agree with Williams that Giudice would be good on Dancing With The Stars? Sound off below.