Kim Richards Brandi Glanville Friendship- Kim’s Kids Talk

On yesterday’s explosive Dr. Phil episode, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards admitted she had drank before her arrest, but insisted that she was proud of her sobriety.

During the episode, the topic of Richards’s friendship with co-star Brandi Glanville was also broached.

What did Richards’s kids have to say about it?

One of her daughters said that, “She’s a good friend for you, but like, you gotta be hanging around people that are supporting your sobriety.”
Richards defended her friends, insisting that, “She’s always been a really good friend to me and she’s never drank around me unless we’re at work. And all the girls are drinking there.”
Richards’s daughter then said, “She’s kind of been the one whose kind of had my Mom’s back.”
Her other daughter also piped in to explain that, “I don’t know Brandi that well. I can see where people think it makes my Mom look bad on the show, but I’ve never really spent time with her.”
As we previously reported, her son alluded that their friendship may be toxic.

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