Exclusive: Were Teresa’s Kids At Joey Gorga’s Birthday Party?


This past weekend, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga celebrated her son, Joey‘s, fifth birthday with a sports-themed party.

On the guest list for the party was her co-star Jacqueline Laurita, who brought her son, Nicholas, as evidenced by Laurita’s Facebook post below:

Due to the fact that Laurita was present, we reached out to her to ask if Teresa Giudice‘s children were also in attendance at the party. 

First, Laurita told us about the party, explaining that, “Joey is a cutie pie! I can’t believe he is already 5! The party was so great for the kids! There was a lot of kids there. They all had a really great time together at Jump on in! Nicholas had a blast!”

So were Giudice’s children present?

Yes, I saw Milania and Audriana!” Laurita informed us. “They were sweet. They were smiling and having fun!”

Antonia and Milania were inseparable and Audriana was very attached to her Aunt Melissa,” Laurita continued, “but they were all running around and enjoying Joey’s special day. They were all so cute.”

Laurita wrapped with telling us that, “It was great to see everyone together and having fun. The kids were great with Nicholas, too. It was a nice day.”

Gorga has stayed mostly quiet about her currently incarcerated sister-in-law, only updating fans to say that she’s doing well and she doesn’t really want to discuss her.

We must say we LOVE hearing that the family was together and all having a great time. This truly warms our heart.