The Fortress Of Solitude Musical Cast Recording Review


We have always adored The Public Theater, as they always tend to bring unique shows to light. From the 1970’s hit A Chorus Line to the recent smash Hamilton, The Public Theater is always on the cutting edge of the new musical.

At the end of last year, The public Theater had a musical called The Fortress of Solitude that did so well that it saw its limited run get extended.

When we heard about it, we were disappointed we had missed it, as it featured one of our Broadway favorites, Rebecca Naomi Jones. 

Luckily for us, a cast recording was released at the end of March that we received and were absolutely thrilled with what we heard.

The opening Prelude immediately sets the stage that we are in for something modern and hip. In this opening number, one of the characters tells us that we are going to hear the “story of him and his friend,” but will have to first hear about his mother. The song also demonstrates that not only are we in for something modern, but we’re in for a recording that features a very talented cast.

The One I Remember is the next song and the background chant of “Rich man, poor man” gets caught in your head and stays there. This is one of the songs on the album that I kept going back to and repeating because the melodies and harmonies are so engagingly catchy that you want to keep hitting the replay button.

The Times Keep Changing is another song that stands out. Not only is it interesting story-wise, but Adam Chanler-Berat, who was brilliant in the Original Broadway cast of Next To Normal truly shines. We adore his voice and loved hearing him again. We also liked the lyrics, particularly where he sings about how his Mother “says the times are a changin'” and that’s “why she named me Dylan.”

Other highlights on the album include the partially-rapped High High High School and the reflective If I Had Known Then (What I Know Now).

Our only complaint about the recording is that we don’t hear more of Jones solo, as she truly is a force to be reckoned with.

If you are a theater lover of modern musicals, we would highly recommend purchasing the Fortress of Solitude cast recording which you can do by clicking on the image below: