Danielle Staub Coming Back For Season 7?

Although we have covered reasons that former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub should not be allowed to return to the franchise, we can exclusively report that Staub is potentially being considered for a seventh season.

“Last season, it would not have made sense to bring Danielle back, as she did not have a relationship with any of the new girls or even many of the old girls at that point,” a production insider dished to us.

“However,” the source continued, “if casting decides to bring back a lot of the older girls that Danielle had conflicts with in the past, it could potentially make sense to bring her back.”

We had previously covered that current cast member Amber Marchese had told Staub it would be fun for her to return. However, after that, Staub’s ex went on record to warn Mardchese of how dangerous Staub can be.

Tell us- would you want to see Staub back on the series or do you think this would be a drastic mistake? Sound off below.