Exclusive: Countess LuAnn- Carole Is Out Of Her Mind

After Real Housewives New York City Carole Radziwill blasted Countess LuAnn de Lesseps on Twitter tonight, we reached out to de Lesseps to get her exclusive reaction.

It should be noted we at first were DMing with de Lesseps who then had us call her, which proved that she does indeed run her social media, something she was accused of not doing by Radziwill.

De Lesseps told us about tonight’s episode and why her and Radizwill are having conflict.

Here is the first part of our two part exclusive with Countess LuAnn:

De Lesseps told us, “I am tweeting live so you know what she’s out of her mind and she’s out of control and I am not happy about this whole story. She has really crossed the line. I can’t even believe that someone would come to your home- let’s talk practically- she comes to my home. I have my chef who has gone out with my niece for years- that’s how I met the chef- first through my niece- and he cooked for me. He’s employed by me. The guy has literally just come to New York. He’s from Idaho. You know what? I’m more than willing to help her out because he’s my nieces boyfriend. I gave him a job cooking for me. I’m that type of person. I help people. I’m a good soul. I employ him in my home and I have Carole Radziwill, who comes to my home. She knows bloody well that my niece has gone out with him. She knows very well that my niece has gone out with him and that he’s part of my family. My niece put him up in Europe. That’s why I gave him a job in the first place. Do you think I trust anybody coming into my house? He befriended my son. My son is 18, my daughter is 20. He’s a 20-something year old chef that I gave a chance to in New York who took this opportunity.”

“I put him on the show and I invited my friends and I invited Carole Radiziwil,” she continued. “Do you think that anyone in their right mind of my friends would ever go after my help at home? Okay, he’s a friend- but I employ him as my chef. Let’s not forget, he wants to be a professional chef. She (Carole) comes to my house and she decides that she fancies him. I’m not uncool. I’m a cool woman. I get that. You don’t mess with people’s family and people that they take into their family. She knows that and that’s why she didn’t tell me. It took weeks and weeks (for her) to tell me that she was having this story with my chef. She was afraid to tell me because she knows how close he is to my family dynamic.”

De Lesseps wrapped up with telling us, “He skateboards with my son. He’s like- my niece, Nicole, is a twin. So her sister works at a school in New York. Not only did I get him the job as a chef, but my niece’s sister gave him a job in the school… where my son goes to school. So he is very close to the family unit. I can tell you that his family unit is not pleased with this whole story. I’m all about love, I’m all about people hooking up and being happy. I’m so happy for people that are happy, but you know what? She came into my home and messed with people that are close to my family and decided- irresponsible- that it was cool to go out with this guy which she didn’t care to tell me about, which of course, she was afraid to because she knows it was uncool. She’s trying to make it look like that I’m this stuck up Countess which is not true. She’s trying to turn this around on herself to make it look like, ‘Oh, she’s trying to mess with my cool lifestyle. Downtown Judy Brown.’ She has no idea. And she’s attacking me as the Countess and all these things. There is a code- you do not hit on people’s help. You do not.”

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of this exclusive interview.

EDIT: Here is part 2!