Exclusive: Kris Jenner IS Nice And Caring

Since the Bruce Jenner 20/20 interview aired, Kris Jenner has been getting a bad rep. She had some drama with Perez Hilton over her allegedly declining to comment to 20/20, and has more or less been attacked by the press since the interview aired.

We spoke to a Kardashian insider recently who told us that Kris is truly getting a raw deal and has been nice and caring about the entire situation.

All of these people who say that Kris has been unsupportive during this difficult time for Bruce are incorrect,” a Kardashian source exclusively told us.

“As one can understand,” they continued, “this has been a trying time for Kris, as she was married to Bruce for quite some time. However, she has been supportive along the way and, as she tweeted, was by his side during the airing of the 20/20 special.”

“Truly,” the source explained, “Kris is a nice and caring person. People need to understand that she has feelings as well, and ripping her apart in the press during a trying time is just downright cruel.”

“Kris loved Bruce,” the insider wrapped with telling us, “and she will continue to love him and support him after his transition.”

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