Teresa Giudice Birthday Party In Prison?

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has been in prison for a few months now, but it’s likely some of her hardest days are yet to be upon her, as the coming week brings Mother’s Day and her birthday.

Lucky for her, some of Giudice’s diehard fans are attempting to organize a drive to send birthday cards to her in prison.

Here is a tweet that was sent out yesterday:

Teresa Giudice Birthday Party

While we think the idea is nice, we aren’t necessarily sure the cards would ever make it to her, as the Board of Prison sorts through mail before it makes it into the hands of inmates.

Recently, Giudice has made headlines where her lawyer alluded she likely will be back for season 7 of the show and explained how she assists in leading workout classes behind bars.

Tell us- will you be sending Giudice a birthday card? Sound off in the comments below.