Fashion Police New Cast To Feature Wendy Williams

Is Wendy Williams Getting  A Second Show?

This morning, Melissa Rivers appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, and while there she discussed the new cast of Fashion Police.

Fashion Police New Cast To Feature Wendy Williams

On Williams’s show this morning, Williams asked Rivers “Who’s gonna be on the Fashion Police panel in the fall?”

Rivers responded that, “We don’t know. We just started discussions. Your name has been floated out. It has.”

Williams quickly responded, “No, no, no. Thank you. You now I’m busy. I’m here in New York. Plus, our boys are both 14. We’ve got to keep an eye on them. I can’t be flying all over the country.”

Williams then suggested Amber RoseKimora Simmons, and Khloe Kardashian as potential hosts. Rivers agreed that each of them would be great and that they are all on their consideration list.

Every name under the sun has been thrown onto the list and we’re trying to figure out what will work,” Rivers explained.

Finally, Rivers addressed if Giuliana Rancic will return after all of her drama with Zendaya. “I don’t count on anything anymore,” Rivers revealed.
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