Kim Richards Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Coming Back

Kim Richards Real Housewives

Rehabilitated and ready?

While Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards recently entered rehab, it seems to be doing her quite a bit of good.

Kim Richards Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Coming Back

While her future on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was being questioned due to her ongoing addiction issues, a new story on Radar Online claims that Richards is doing well in rehab and will be returning to the show.

“She checked into rehab and has agreed to go along with everything that her bosses asked of her,” a source told Radar.

Kim is not a liability if she is clean and sober and doing what is asked of her,” they continued. “She knows the process because she has done it several times before.”

The insider also dished on Richards’s rehab stay, explaining that, “Kim is actually starting to make progress and is not quite as resistant as she was in the beginning. It seems that her contract with the studio and her job as a housewife actually helped her get sober, because she cannot afford to lose the money.”

The source wrapped with saying that, “Kim cannot stand the thought of not being famous, [as] being irrelevant scares her to death. Whatever it takes!”

We truly are pulling for Richards to maintain her sobriety and live a healthy life.

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