Dorinda Medley Ramona Is Too Interested In My Relationship



Last night, Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley appeared on Watch What Happens Live. While there, she was asked what she thinks about Ramona Singer‘s comments on last night’s episode of the show about her boyfriend.

Dorinda Medley Ramona Is Too Interested In My Relationship

To Singer’s comments- including a dig that Medley’s boyfriend doesn’t even live in the city/lives a different lifestyle- Medley responded, “Where’s Mario live right now?”

I don’t think it’s her place to be questioning that,” she continued. “I love Ramona, but she’s far too interested- you have to allow people to be happy. I’m happy. I’m a grown up. I’m happy. I make my choices. I think people need to stop it. Stop the bologna.”

Medley further discussed her boyfriend John, saying, “I don’t think people know John. John’s a really great guy. He’s very loyal. He’s very kind. He loves people. He loves men. He loves women. I love him. You know what? I don’t think people know John. Period.”

We are loving Medley on the show and enjoyed meeting her at last week’s OK! Magazine party.

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