Slade Smiley A Reality Show Is Not Our Focus


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We recently spoke with Real Housewives of Orange County alum Slade Smiley about his a new mini-series he is a part of called Texas Rising that will premiere on The History Channel this memorial day weekend! In the second part of our conversation, we talked about the appearance him and fiancé Gretchen Rossi made on Marriage Bootcamp, their future, and more!

Slade Smiley A Reality Show Is Not Our Focus

On how Marriage Bootcamp was in comparison to something like Housewives, Smiley revealed that, “The great thing about Marriage Bootcamp– and part of the reason that we created such a great rapport with the production company is that the were so exceedingly honest with us. They said, ‘Look, we feel like that Housewives kind of did you wrong. And we don’t think the truth about who you are as people honestly was shown. So we want to give you an opportunity to address accusations or things that people think they know about you, but then also allow you to grow and learn some things to show that you’re really not that character that that network created.'”

“The show was difficult to do, but I will tell you that we learned so many great things by doing it and my relationship with Gretchen has become 100 times stronger,” Smiley continued. “We don’t fight and we don’t argue like we did even in the past, because Marriage Bootcamp taught us how to properly deal with each other and we’re really thankful for having had that opportunity to go through it. It was hard. If you watched it. It was harder on me than it was on Gretchen because I dealt with issues with my son and all this stuff… but I feel better about things because I went through this process.”

We then asked Smiley if we will see the pair on more reality TV. “It would definitely have to be the right opportunity,” he revealed. “Reality is not the focus. We do have an opportunity to do something that is truly more documentary. We have people that are interested in following our journey to have kids. Really it’s more of a documentary style versus a reality style. That’s being discussed. That’s really what our main focus is, as we want to have kids.”

“We’ve been approached by three different networks actually to cover the wedding aspect of things between us,” he added, but stated that, “we think that maybe something should be kept for us. That day is supposed to be pretty special and I don’t know if it’s something that should be filmed for a reality show.”

Speaking of a wedding, we asked if there will be wedding bells in the near future. Smiley explained that, “It’s not our focus at this point because we have so many other things going on.”

With talk of a wedding, we asked Smiley what his answer would be to people who claimed years ago that Rossi only proposed for a storyline. To this, he answered that, “It’s ignorance. She doesn’t have to do that for a storyline. The network asked us to get married on TV. The network was offering us a diamond ring and offering us to do that and we said no because they had a specific storyline they wanted to tell. We said unless we can be honest about our relationship and tell the true story, we’re not gonna do it… it wasn’t the right thing for us.”

With her exciting fashion line and his exciting new mini-series, Smiley wrapped with telling us that, “We’re very happy. There are great things happening.”

Make sure to tune in to Texas Rising to catch Smiley in his newest acting role and stay tuned to all of Rossi’s exciting fashion projects!

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