Josh Duggar Family Research Council Open Letter


I’m Speaking Out!

As a blogger, I rarely give my own personal opinions, but I cannot stay quiet in light of the Josh Duggar scandal where it has come to light that he molested multiple underage girls. The specific reason I cannot stay silenced is due to his (now former) role as the Executive Director of the Family Research Council.

Josh Duggar Family Research Council Open Letter

As such, here is a letter I’m writing to Josh that I’d love him to read:

Dear Josh,

How does it feel to have the entire world knowing one of your darkest secrets? I can imagine you feel vulnerable. You feel embarrassed. You feel ashamed. You may feel like hiding or running away. Perhaps you feel like shutting all of the blinds and not speaking to anyone.

All of these feelings are feelings that many LGBTQ people go through before coming out, and I personally find it ironic that you are now having to endure these feelings when you have been so outspoken against gays and gay rights. I also find it to be particularly interesting that you are likely enduring these feelings for doing something as despicable and disgusting as molesting MULTIPLE girls.

You have had no problem voicing your strong opinions against good human beings who want to live their lives the way they were born to, but you took it upon yourself as a teenager to ruin people’s lives. How dare you stand in judgement of gay people who are dying to have families, when you took it upon yourself to make a decision to personally harm yours in a disgraceful manner.

Do you think the girls that you molested will ever fully recover from the damage that you inflicted upon them by molesting them? However, you dare to- until yesterday- helm up an organization that condemns gay marriage and gays having families and feels that we will damage the sanctity of marriage and family? Really? You think that gay marriage and gay families are threats to society compared to a man that molested children? That is laughable.

Perhaps now, in the wake of your scandal, you will take time to do some soul searching, and change your opinions. Unfortunately, I doubt it, though, as you have “apologized” for what you did.

I, on the other hand- along with millions of other good, decent LGBTQ people- have nothing to apologize for. I was born the way I am and I am damn proud of it. I am not ashamed. I have done nothing wrong.

Since you are such a strong believer in the Christian faith, that means you must buy into the ideas of being judged when you die and either entering Heaven or Hell.

Ask yourself, Josh- will gays who lived their lives in responsible, respectable ways, who wanted nothing more than to be accepted by society and raise a family be judged more than you will for molesting multiple girls? Will gays who simply wanted to get married- something your organization thinks ruins the act of marriage- be judged more than you will? I highly doubt that.

I hope that you can take it upon yourself to learn from this experience. While you claim to have changed, and you claim to be sorry, I hope that you will also be sorry for the way you have judged others, as you are now being judged. I hope you will be sorry for the way you have mistreated others for just living their life, as you have clearly affected and mistreated people in your life. I hope that you will be sorry for making mistakes, and realize that just because someone is gay and wants a family, that is not a mistake.

Most of all, I hope you atone for your sins, as me living my life the way I was meant to is not one.


Matt Richards

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