Michael Seewald- Jesus Forgives Gays and Child Molesters!


Explosive Comments!

In his blog post about Josh DuggarMichael Seewald had some pretty explosive things to say that are definitely offensive to the LGBT community.

Michael Seewald- Jesus Forgives Gays and Child Molesters!

In wrapping up his blog post about Josh, he wrote, “Civil penalties are sometimes required and we should never begrudge the victims of crimes or the civil authorities from seeking justice, but we are not to condemn repentant sinners in our hearts or with our tongues or pens.”

This didn’t sound too bad until he added that, “Though consequences are sometimes necessary and desired to uphold civil society and to bring temporary justice, Jesus forgives repentant sinners, real sinners: murderers, thieves, child molesters, homosexuals, self righteous church goers, the proud, liars, scoffers, atheists, hypocrites, and any other sinner or combination of them all.”

This is truly disgusting to see him comparing child molesters, thieves, and murderers to homosexuality.

Tell us- what do you think about his ignorant comments? Sound off below.

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