Andy Cohen Talks RHONJ Fans



Last night on a special edition of Watch What Happens LiveAndy Cohen was interviewed by Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel. During the interview, the topic of how hardcore the Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s fans are came up.

Andy Cohen Talks RHONJ Fans

What did Cohen have to say about the RHONJ fans?

The New Jersey fans are really hardcore with me and they’re hardcore about the show,” he began. “Talk to Caroline Manzo. They’re the most hardcore.”

“When Jersey’s on,” he continued, “I’m almost like, oh God, I kind of want this season to be over. I feel like they’re gonna come burn my house down a little bit.”

Who has the most hardcore fans? Cohen dished that, “Teresa– The Tre Huggers. She has Tre Huggers and man, they always think that I don’t like her, that I’m against her. They always thought for years that I was against her. Oh no, she has an army.”

“Thankfully I think they’ve seen that I actually like Teresa,” Cohen continued elaborating. “I  think I’ve somehow proven that to them over the last year and a half. Literally there were some dark days.”

As a blog that has seen how hardcore some of these Tre huggers can be, we definitely understand what Cohen is saying.

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