Exclusive: Duggar Family Crisis Manager NOT Hired!


Too Much To Handle!

Although an insider close to the Duggar family had informed us that the Duggars had hired Hunter Frederick and Associates for PR and crisis management, Hunter Frederick has gone on record with us to confirm that the Duggar family was not ultimately able to use his services.

Exclusive: Duggar Family Crisis Manager NOT Hired!

It was a no for us to work with them,” Frederick confirmed exclusively to us.

“The needs we need for us to take someone on as a client were not met,” Frederick continued.

What needs did he specifically refer to?

He informed us that, “I can’t go into specifics, but some examples of what we need from our clients are: a willingness to admit you messed up, being humble about the situation, transparency with us, meeting our retainer fee, willingness to take a proper and just punishment both in the law and or court of public opinion, etc.”

“Due to an inability to garner all we needed from the family- without me providing specific examples- we will not be working with them,” Frederick wrapped with telling us.

This truly is a shame, as the Duggars- and, specifically, Josh Duggar–¬†could really use one.

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