Kim Richards Under Influence At Brooke Brinson Wedding?



Off the wagon again?

Although Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kim Richards entered rehab, it seems she is off the wagon again according to a TMZ exclusive.

Kim Richards Under Influence At Brooke Brinson Wedding?

According to the report on TMZ, Richards was under the influence of something at the wedding.

Although no one saw her take a drink or pill, she allegedly exhibited many behaviors that people thought seemed like someone who was under the influence including:

– acting like “a mess” when speaking to people

– saying horrible things to her daughter after the wedding

– cursing out Brinson’s husband’s family

In addition, the article details that Richards’s sober coach, who attended the wedding with her, quit right after. It can be assumed she feels that Richards is a lost cause and not taking her sobriety seriously.

Richards was also allegedly due to report back to rehab this past Monday and did not show up and, allegedly, due to her behavior, her daughter never wants to speak to her again.

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