Bruce Jenner Surgery Again


Under The Knife Again?

Although he recently allegedly underwent a sex change surgery, this doesn’t seem like it is slowing down Bruce Jenner from continuing to become the woman he always knew he was.

Bruce Jenner Surgery Again

According to an insider who spoke to Radar Online, Jenner has had a second procedure done recently.

What was it?

The insider told Radar that it was a “cosmetic surgery on his face to make it look more feminine.”

Specifically, the source claimed that it was done “to give Bruce’s jawline and chin a softer look.”

“Bruce had put the time aside and wanted to get as much done as possible,” the insider added. “His physical transformation into becoming a woman is now almost complete.”

Radar’s source wrapped with telling them that, “Bruce wants to be living his life as a woman physically and emotionally by the time the docuseries finishes airing this summer.”

We applaud Jenner for being so brave to share his story with the world.

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