Kevin Serratore Fashion Friday 5/29/15

He’s Back!

Kevin Serratore is back with his latest Fashion Friday:

Kevin Serratore Fashion Friday 5/29/15

“The Happy Client”

Last week in my video blog/interview I spoke alot about making clients happy. This week I’d like to pose the question and answer to what makes a happy client?

Of course a fabulous hair cut and color, meaning the cut and color the client was looking for. But there’s much more that goes into making the happy client happy.

For starters, we lead off with a thorough consultation. This where I get to know as much about the client as I can- who is the client, what do they do for a living, what do they do socially, are they into sports or working out, and of course, how often does the client want to visit the salon, how much effort is the client willing to put into styling their hair, do they use product, etc.

Once we have gotten to know our client we now make a plan, and the most important part is we include our client in on the plan. Nothing- and I mean nothing- makes a client happier than knowing their hairstylist/colorist has a future plan for their hair, weather it be to grow it or gradually change the shape and color. They just want to know you have a future interest in their hair.

Also, clients need to know what is being done to their hair as you are doing it. Explain what you are doing and why. If you are coloring, talk to them about the product, why you chose it, and what it is going to do. When cutting, explain how you are cutting and how it will create the shape they are asking for.

If you are honest and everything you said will happen does happen then not only have you gained the confidence of your client but you also have made them happy!

The advice I have given you is not only for hair stylists/colorists but it is intended as a guide for clients to use when looking for that amazing hair professional. I hope you enjoyed my blog.

For more on this and other hair fashion tips please contact me at Dolce Viso Salon and Spa  in Millburn NJ. 290 Millburn Ave. 973-376-5878

Thank you!

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