Jenelle Evans Released Jail Teen Mom Exclusive Interview

Jenelle Evans Released Jail Teen Mom Exclusive Interview


Jenelle Evans Released Jail

Jenelle Evans Breaking Her Silence!

Last week, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans had a warrant issued for her arrest after her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith, called the police on her claiming she attacked him. She ended up turning herself over to the authorities, had to appear in court in front of the judge, and was eventually released.
We caught up exclusively with the star for her first on record interview since her court appearance.

Jenelle Evans Released Jail Teen Mom Exclusive Interview

On what exactly happened last week with her ex, Evans told us that, “Basically you know I went to go pick Kaiser up and when I went to go pick him up, he grabbed my phone and he wouldn’t give it back. So we wrestled for my phone and then he went inside and locked himself in his apartment. And I was like, ‘Can you just give me my phone and my son?’ And he wouldn’t open the door, so I ended up leaving. And then after I left he went to the police station and pressed charges on me and said I attacked him.”
“Not even 24 hours afterwards he wanted those charges dropped,” Evans added. “He wanted the judge to know that and everything.”
When asked what the next steps will be in this case, Evans explained that, “There is (another court appearance) on Thursday. I’m gonna be at my externship because my lawyer’s gonna represent me. According to him (Nathan), he said he wants them dropped, and she (my lawyer) said that he’s not showing up to court, so she said that I don’t have to show up and that his lawyer’s gonna show up and represent him and she’s gonna represent me, and hopefully everything just gets dropped. I’m happy they got a court date that quick. That was rare. That was really rare.”
Evans also detailed how she doesn’t have much communication with Griffith, stating that, “There’s not a no contact order in place, but we don’t speak to each other. We only speak to each other if we’re exchanging Kaiser. We take turns with Kaiser.”
In addition to Griffith, Evans has had some issues with her Mother, Barbara Evans. We asked Evans if she spoke to her Mom after last week’s events. “She (my Mom) wanted to make sure I was okay and that’s about it,” Evans stated. “She’s glad me and Nathan are split up of course. She just wants me to focus on what I’m doing.”
We don’t speak that much unless it’s about picking up Jace and stuff like that,” she added about her strained relationship with her mother. “I mean, I don’t know. It’s iffy. It depends on the mood she’s in that day.”
Although the altercation with Griffin was not filmed, Evans also detailed that MTV cameras were there to cover some of what went down last week. “They (MTV) came down whenever they found out that I had a warrant,” she told us. “They weren’t there for what happened between me and Nathan, though.”
The reality television star also revealed what she learned from this experience, telling us, “I think I just learned to actually just stay focused on what is the most important thing in my life right now, which is my future and my goal which is to graduate and to be able to support my kids after this whole MTV thing goes away.”
“I want to work in the medical field really badly,” Evans wrapped with telling us.”I graduate in July and I’m really excited about that.”
We wish Evans luck in regards to this coming Thursday’s court date. Be sure to stay posted to and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for updates pertaining to this and all reality TV news.
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Also, be sure to tune in to Teen Mom 2, which Evans will star in, when it premieres on MTV on Thursday July 10th at 10 PM.
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  1. She talks about how rare getting an early court date is. But she should be asking herself why it’s so rare for her to hold some accountability for her actions. Perhaps then she would not have a collection of 15 mugshots at the age of 23.

    • Cece, she was not at fault here, she said she just went to get the baby and Nathan grabbed her phone, how is she accountable for wanting her son and her phone when Nathan is bigger and much stronger than her,he could really hurt her but he is using their son as a pawn just like her mom is with Jace and that”s not fair to her to have everyo0ne use her ki9ds against her she i9s a human being just like everyone else and makes mistakes like everyone else and all of you who act holier than thou need to shut up and back off of her she has anxiety. and why on earth press charges on her just to drop them the next day? that makes no sense. and since you were not there you have no room to point fingers at her when you were not a witness to what happened. and way too many label her a liar without knowing all the facts or weren’t there to prove what you say about her and just because she may say something different doesn’t make her a liar and when you’ve been using drugs it does affect your memory, hell even prescription drugs are known to affect your memory so get off her case and back off.

  2. Hope you didn’t pay her too much for this interview because she already lied to you. She never sees Nathan unless it’s about Kaiser? They went to a music festival together in New Jersey a week ago pictures are on various websites. Again hope she wasn’t paid too much for this 90% of this interview is probably a lie.

  3. Yeah, except she was trashed and it was 11 at night. Are you really going to go pick up your baby at 11 at night and while you’ve been drinking? No. Get all the facts first. Jenelle is notorious for spinning things and leaving out details to make it seem like she’s the victim.

  4. People need to leave her alone!!! Janelle tries to be a good mom.and then people come around and knock her for every little detail from her can someone move forward when people keep putting her past back into her life.if she was near my area I’d b her friend clearly she’s a good person.who has had a rough life from the start.