Duggar Family Interview Jim Bob Why We Still Did Reality TV

Duggar Family Interview


Why We Still Went On TV!

Many people watching all that has gone down with the Josh Duggar molestation scandal may wonder why family heads Jim Bob and Michelle decided to proceed with a reality TV show with skeletons in their closet. On their interview with Megyn Kelly last night, the pair addressed this.

Duggar Family Interview Jim Bob Why We Still Did Reality TV

Patriarch Jim Bob explained that, “Back in- back early on, it was after all this was taken care of in 2002/2003, we actually had a magazine that came to Michelle and said ‘Hey can we do a story about your family?’ We said, ‘Yes. That would be fine.’”

“We had nothing to hide,” he continued. “We had taken care of all that years before. When they asked us to do the reality TV show, all this had been taken care of five years before. We had a clean bill of health from the state. We had said you’d gone through counseling, we had told the police.”
He expounded that, “We had no fear because everything was taken care of. That was a sealed juvenile record. They had told us that all this stuff was done as a juvenile. This was all stuff that was sealed. This was stuff that, under law, there was no way this could be brought out.”
So how did they feel when this story came to light last week
Jim Bob revealed that, “I said, God, I know that there’s a lot of families out there that are hurting. You know what? This isn’t something we wanted to come out, but, if people can see that Josh can do these very bad things when he was a young person, that God could forgive him for these terrible things then I hope other people realize that God can forgive them and also make them a new creature.”
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