Duggar Interview Fox Josh Pulled Out Of Home

Duggar Interview Fox


Ripped From Their Home!

Last night, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar appeared on the Megyn Kelly show to talk about their son Josh‘s molestation scandal. While on the show, Kelly mentioned that the “ultimate one” that caused the Duggars to get their son help was a child that was aged “in the single digits.” Kelly asked what it was like of them to hear that.

Duggar Interview Fox Josh Pulled Out Of Home

“At that point- that’s when we pulled him out of the house and we said he can’t be here,” Jim Bob revealed. “So we pulled him out and went through that working with that man. Christian based (therapist). It really had a huge impact on his life. And it really- that was the turning point in his life. This man really reached his heart.”

“We tried to make things as normal as we can,” Jim Bob recounted of their home life at that time.
“Also- Michelle and I both were keeping an eye on Josh all the time. Watching his behaviors. Watching his attitudes.”
“Well we definitely put safeguards in our home,” Michelle piped in to add.
Jim Bob continued explaining what the family did, stating that, “We also talked to our daughters and reminded them about wrong and right touch and about if anybody ever touched you in a wrong way for you to come and tell your Mom and Dad.”
Michelle echoed his sentiments, saying that, “We were trying to protect and watch and make sure that their hearts were safe. They have a safe place to talk. And at the same time putting boundaries and safeguards up in our home.”
We weren’t going to give up on Josh,” patriarch Jim Bob closed with.
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