Jim Bob Duggar On Josh Duggar Molestation

Jim Bob Duggar Molestation


A Common Occurrence?

Last night, Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle sat down with Megyn Kelly to discuss their son Josh‘s molestation scandal that broke in the news last week. It seems that like their daughter Jessa who was involved, the Duggars are minimizing what happened/defending Josh.

Jim Bob Duggar On Josh Duggar Molestation

When talking about the molestation that involved his daughters, Jim Bob said, “The girls-we talked to them- and they didn’t know anything happened because they were asleep, and so we talked to him. We put all kinds of punishments on him. We watched him all the time. I took him to work with me and he just- we just poured our life into him.”

“Nothing ever happened like that again in the girl’s bedrooms after that,” Jim Bob continued. “We had safeguards that protected them from that. But there was another incident- two different incidents- where the girls were like laying on the couch and he had touched like over the couch and actually touched a breast while they were asleep. Over the clothes. And so it was a very difficult situation.”
Jim Bob did seem to think this was a common occurrence, though, revealing that, “As we talked to other parents… since then, a lot of families have said they’ve had similar things happen in their families.”
“For us, of course, this is public shame,” he added.
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