Wendy Williams Teresa Giudice Social Media Can Wait

Tweeting Can Wait!

Earlier this week, a new tweet appeared on Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice‘s Twitter account. While her lawyer was quick to explain that it was her daughter, Gia, who sent the tweet, talk show host Wendy Williams voiced her opinion on the whole ordeal this morning.

Wendy Williams Teresa Giudice Social Media Can Wait

Williams detailed how Gia allegedly has access to Teresa’s passwords and can see ALL of the things Teresa receives, both negative and positive.

“Gia is able to read everything,” Williams stated. “Every email. Every nasty thing. Kids shouldn’t be involved in adult business.”

“They say the hardest time with teenagers is between 14-17,” Williams continued. “This little girl is missing her Mother.”

“Teresa,” Williams stated, “we know you love, love, love your fans, but you’ll be out on December 23rd. So why don’t you just wait till you get out and run your own social media?

Williams reiterated her point, restating that, “Teresa you’ll be out in 202 days, just in time for Christmas, and then you start your social media all over again.”

Tell us- do you think Williams is right or do you think it’s fine for Gia to issue tweets on Teresa’s behalf? Sound off in the comments below. 

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