Kevin Serratore Fashion Friday 6-5-14

Kevin Serratore Fashion Friday


Go Blonde or Go Home!

Celebrity hairstylist Kevin Serratore is back with our latest edition of Fashion Friday where he talks about going blonde for the summer!

Kevin Serratore Fashion Friday 6-5-14


Brighten your color to Summer Blonde.

Spring is here and it’s time to get ready for summer. Everybody is cleaning out their closets, storing away the winter clothes, and breaking out their summer wardrobe that is brighter, lighter, and easier to wear.

Well, the same needs to be done for our hair! It’s time to do away with the darker, heavier winter color and move into a summer-friendly color and cut. Yup, I’m talking about highlights.

Now I’m not saying everyone must go blonde, but the idea is to soften and add dimension your existing color. My most favorite highlighting method of choice is Balayage, the French term for to paint.

In no way is this technique new to our industry. In fact, Balayage has been used to highlight for many years. The effect or final result is a softer more sheer highlight at the base and mid lengths moving into a brighter highlight in the bottom and ends of your hair for a beautiful, most natural looking color. This is a color that has a very summery/sun lightened affect.

This method of highlighting is perfect for the commitment phobia client. Due to the sheerness of the color there is less chance of a root at the base allowing the client more time between visits if they wish.

Ask your stylist/colorist if this is a technique they are familiar with. for more on this and other hair tips contact me at Dolce Viso Salon and Spa in Millburn Nj 9733765878.

Until next Friday, have a fabulous hair day! 

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