Andy Cohen Bethenny Does Not Approve RHONY Scenes



Rumor Fixed!

For a while, there has been a rumor circulating that Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel gets to pre-screen her scenes that air on the show. Andy Cohen recently spoke to Page Six to address these rumors. What did he have to say?

Andy Cohen Bethenny Does Not Approve RHONY Scenes

Cohen told Page Six that, in terms of authority over what scenes air, Frankel “has none.

“As a matter of fact,” he continued, “she gets the episode when everyone else does. We send the Housewives the episodes the week before. She has absolutely no say.”

He added that, “I’ve said to [Bethenny] this season, ‘Oh, you’re not going to like x, y or z. You look like a beast! But she has nothing to do with editing, she has no knowledge of what’s going to be in the episodes, she has no warning.”

Personally, we think this sounds fair, as all of the wives should be on an equal playing field in terms of when they see the episodes, but tell us– what do you think about what Cohen said? Sound off in the comments below.

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