Shannon Beador David and I Are Hoping To Rewrite Future

Shannon Beador David


Repairing Their Marriage!

On last night’s premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Orange CountyShannon Beador revealed that her husband, David, had cheated on her. She took to her Bravo blog to discuss this.

Shannon Beador David and I Are Hoping To Rewrite Future

This episode is difficult to watch,” Shannon wrote, “because I don’t like to relive any of this… David and I do not want to adversely impact our children and are hoping to re-write our future to positively influence them.”

“When watching David reveal the highs and lows in his life, I felt like I was punched in the stomach,” she continued… I heard him say that the affair gave him ‘new life.’ Today, I am trying to process through the hurt that I feel from his comments. Some moments can be difficult, but I am focusing on the positive.”

“I remind myself of the commitment that David has made to both me and our family,” she added. ‘He has not only made himself accountable to me, but to everyone who watches the show, and for that, I am grateful beyond words.”

We give Shannon a ton of credit for dealing with this on camera and being honest about what she is going through, as hard as that may be.

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