Shannon Beador Husband Affair Tamra Knew Last Year

Shannon Beador Husband Affair


A Great Friend!

It looks like those who tried to say Tamra Judge was a “bad friend” on last year’s The Real Housewives of Orange County may have some backpedaling to, as she revealed today to OK! Magazine that she kept the secret of Shannon Beador‘s husband, David‘s, affair quiet all last season!

Shannon Beador Husband Affair Tamra Knew Last Year

“Last year I touched on issues that were being brought up with them,” Judge told OK! “I knew about this last year. I knew that David was having an affair last year.”

So why did Shannon out it this year? Judge explained that, “I think too many people knew about it and she was worried that it was going to come out.”

Judge also gave credit to Shannon for sharing this on the show, stating that, “I think that it’s great of her and scary at the same time for her to share that with everybody. She could’ve easily brushed it under the rug and said, ‘Oh it’s a lie.’ But the truth of the matter is it’s very real.”

Finally, Judge dished on her relationship with Beador today. She revealed that, “My relationship with Shannon is good now because she knew I knew last year [about the affair]. I was the only one that knew last year. And everyone’s gonna go ‘Oh, so Tamra was telling the truth!'”

We applaud Judge, who said she was put through the ringer last year, for keeping this personal secret so quiet, and definitely think it shows what a great friend she is.

Are you surprised Tamra knew this last year? Sound off in the comments below.

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